Some light mobile-Web-related entertainment from quirky Qualcomm

Qualcomm has followed up its surreal CES 2013 keynote with a video demonstrating – in an extreme way – how adding mobile Web URL to a billboard poster can engage people waiting at a bus stop.

It’s all part of Qualcomm’s efforts to get noticed – the company makes chips for mobile phones and technologies for mobile operator networks, which aren’t necessarily likely to get your average Jo excited. It’s all part of a branding campaign called Born Mobile, which hinges on the proposition that kids are born mobile these days.

Whatever Qualcomm’s motivation, the video helps to drum home the message to marketing people that out-of-home advertising – arguably any advertising, print, TV or otherwise – that doesn’t add interactivity by linking to a mobile site is, well, 20th century.

But mobiThinking is surprised that the posters don’t use QR codes, because scanning a bar code is a lot quicker than typing into a phone (don’t bother visiting the URL it doesn’t work!). After all, any born-mobile youth is going to have a QR code reader on their handset and know how to use one.

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