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mobiThinking from dotMobi provides everything marketers need to know to help take their brand mobile. Packed with practical advice and insight on mobile Web marketing from the world’s top practitioners; plus insight into what the future will hold.
With practical guides to mobile agencies, ad networks, top mobile markets and more; interviews and analysis, showcase sites and case studies; industry events and awards; the most comprehensive links to mobile resources and an exhaustive compendium of mobile statistics, all available for free, mobiThinking is the essential resource for mobile-marketing novices and experts alike.

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Editor: Andy Favell
Email: editor (at) mobiThinking.com

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mobiThinking was set up by dotMobi to educate the marketing world about the power of mobile Web and mobile marketing.
dotMobi is a leading mobile Internet services company, helping businesses and individuals reach the world’s billions of mobile phone users. dotMobi spurs mobile industry innovation by giving content providers the tools they need – including the .mobi top level domain – to ensure the Web will work on mobile phones with speed, accuracy and relevant content.
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Why .mobi?

Using the .mobi domain name makes your mobile sites more successful. Here’s why …

It’s good for marketers

    A .mobi name tells consumers to expect a mobile experience
    A site that’s optimized for a mobile device and a mobile user.
    Using a variation of .com, .edu or.org says "expect a desktop web site."

    It makes your site guessable
    As more and more brands choose .mobi for their mobile sites, users are more likely to guess yourbrand.mobi than any other URL.

    It makes your site search-engine friendly
    The .mobi domain is found in the ICANN zone files – the files that search engines use to start every crawl. Your .com site is already indexed, so you don’t get an extra entry if you use m.yourbrand.com or any other .com variation. (For other tips, check out our best practice SEO paper here.)

    It’s short and sweet
    The perfect compliment for your brand or campaign site name – and there’s no need for www. And the use of a .mobi domain will help you to keep your URL strings concise and tidy, which is good for user accessibility and usability.

    It makes your web analytics easier
    A separate domain for your .mobi makes it simple and logical to analyze your mobile site visits as distinct from your desktop web visits.

    It’s a quality trustmark
    .mobi is the only top-level domain with a quality threshold built into the agreement, so users know they’re visiting a site that will work well.

    It’s the only mobile domain that’s actively promoted.
    .mobi is supported and promoted by dotMobi, a consortium of 14 of the biggest names in the mobile web. This powerful backing gives .mobi staying power that no other mobile address has.

    It’s easy to manage.
    Every major content management system supports multiple domains, so you can manage your .mobi site in exactly the same way as your .com.

It’s good for the world

    Revenue from .mobi registrations is invested back into the industry.
    We use revenue from name registrations to develop new products and services for the mobile developer and marketing communities. One example: ready.mobi, the mobile web site testing tool that tells you how to fix your site so that it works on any mobile phone.

    A single internet address for mobile phones is good for the industry.
    A single, simple mobile naming convention will help the mobile web grow because users will always know where to go and what to expect. That’s why ICANN has only authorized one mobile top-level domain. And why so many leading names in the mobile Internet are behind us.

    It’s run responsibly.
    We take our responsibility as a registry seriously and do everything we can to allow brand owners to protect their trademarks on the mobile web.

What every marketer should do about it.

  • Name your next site yourbrand.mobi
  • Promote your .mobi name
  • If you’ve already launched a site with a different URL, make sure your .mobi name also re-directs there
  • Register the .mobi names that correspond to your brands
  • Tell all your friends and tattoo ".mobi" on your forehead (like us)