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The insider’s guide to mobile Web marketing in the UK 2014

The most comprehensive guide to one of the world’s most interesting mobile markets, with all the stats on mobile Web, mobile commerce, 4G, smartphone and tablet use, top mobile destinations, and mobile readiness of top brands.

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Mobile has the ability to take big brands from mass marketing to mass personalization: Matt Biespiel, McDonald’s, Q&A

The biggest mistake in mobile marketing is… “executing a program simply because the technology exists versus executing a program because it makes sense to customers and is true to your brand strategy”.

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There’s more to smart mobile marketing than smartphones: Q&A with Candice Goodman Chair, MMA South Africa; MD, Mobitainment

All too often marketers focus their campaigns solely on the smartphone audience. That might be justifiable in western countries such as UK or US with 50 percent-plus smartphone penetration, but defies logic in nations where the vast majority of people use feature phones.

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The insider’s guide to mobile Web and marketing in Brazil 2014

Along with Russia, India and China (known affectionately as the BRIC countries), Brazil is eyed as a market of great potential by operators, handset manufacturers and mobile marketers alike. With Brazil hosting both the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, we can only expect this massive mobile market to become an even hotter prospect. Get the low down on Brazil with the MMA's former global chairman.

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Five-minute interview: Paran Johar, Mobile Media Summit

Featuring the ground-breaking Mondelez Mobile Futures program, smartwatch-controlled cars, mobile wallets and other things that inspire the Founder of the Mobile Media Summit.

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Meet UCWeb, the Chinese mobile browser with 400 million mobile users: Q&A with Yu Yongfu, chairman & CEO, UCWeb

Get insights into the Chinese and global market with the biggest independent mobile browser in China and India. UCWeb is one of the Chinese ‘Super Apps’ that is courting developers to build browser-based ‘Light Apps’ for its ecosystem.

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The insider’s guide to mobile Web marketing in Germany

Get the latest stats and facts on Europe's largest mobile market from MLOVE founder Harald Neidhardt - including top mobile sites, leading brands, innovative agencies, publishers and ad networks in Germany.

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What is the future of mobile? Q&A with Tomi Ahonen

The speed of change and level of innovation in mobile is mind-boggling. One thing is for sure: mobile is, and will continue to be, the communication platform of choice for people across the globe. But what will a mobile device look like and how will people use it?

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Introduction to China’s booming mobile money market – Q&A with Charmaine Oak, Shift Thought

With a vast number of Chinese already using digital wallets to pay for goods online, it’s was only a matter of time before mobile money took off. Now that standards are in place, and licenses issued to 250+ online/mobile payment providers, coupled with the availability of cheaper smartphones and mobile Web, the time has now come. This year 300 million people in China will pay for goods and services using their mobile phones, according to estimates from analysts Shift Thought.

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