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Video: What marketers need to know about mobile in China. Jia Zheng, AKQA

Comparative research finds that Chinese consumers use mobile devices more than US counterparts, particularly for purchasing, social networking, games and videos and are more ready to try out new mobile technology and mobile marketing.

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Video: US warehouse chain fosters member loyalty with mobile; shares tips on mobile retail. Matt Martin, Sam’s Club

Mobile retail should not be about technology, platforms and devices or even demographics. Start by understanding who the customer is, what they do and what they really want. When you know what is most meaningful, beneficial and adds the most value, invest specifically in those areas.

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Video: Using mobile to tap into millions of Live Nation concert-goers. Russell Wallach, Live Nation Network

47 Million fans attended a Live Nation concert in 2010. The vast majority of those have a mobile. Find out how Live Nation uses mobile to engage with concert-goers before, during and after the event.

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Video: The Weather Channel’s guide to targeted mobile advertising. Scott Jensen, Weather Channel

People readily volunteer their location in return for an accurate local weather forecast, which means The Weather Channel knows where everybody is. Couple this with contextual relevance, an offer on a hot drink at a retail outlet nearby when it’s cold, or a sunny holiday when it’s snowing, and you have a winning combination.

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Video: What mobile customers want from hotels; how HTML5 helps hotels meet those requirements. Stephen Gates, Starwood Hotels

When people are in a city they don’t know and need to find and book a hotel, check the address or get directions to a hotel, it is natural for them to turn to their mobile device. HTML5 enables Starwood to upgrade this utilitarian nature of mobile Web to a brand experience unique to each hotel chain.

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Video: How device detection helps Smart AdServer deliver targeted ads to mobile devices. Sandrine Cardi, Smart AdServer

The interview explores how to make mobile advertising more relevant and effective, using targeting and geo-location, and the importance of device detection.

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Video: The dos and don’ts of mobile marketing to minority groups. Professor Neal M. Burns, University of Texas

The effectiveness of mobile marketing depends on the ability to narrowcast, as opposed to broadcast, a pertinent message to a defined group that is contextually relevant, based on location, time-of-day and social setting, while conforming to ethical standards.

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Video: What should brands develop first – mobile Web or mobile app? Chet Fenster, MEC Entertainment

People spend more time with their phone than they do in front of the television, at work or with their family. Many don’t even turn off their phone at night. In the future most people will access the Web while on the go… Chet Fenster explains why brands need a mobile strategy.

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Video: Your customers are mobile, are you? Mike Yonker, Rockfish

You have to fish where the fish are: 1.8 billion mobile devices will ship this year. People are doing more and more things on their cell phones and tablets, and brands have to pay attention or they will be invisible.

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Video: Insights into mobile advertising from a mobile ad exchange, John Phenix, Nexage

Strong demand for mobile ads comes from automotive, entertainment, retail and CPG advertisers, as well as mobile app publishers in search of downloads. Rich media and video ads are particularly in demand – publishers that offer these ad formats may receive up to ten times the advertising revenue.

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