Video: How mobile Web should fit into your digital strategy – ILICCO ELIA, head of mobile, LBi talks to mobiThinking

This insightful interview explores why it is essential for brands to have a mobile strategy and why companies should exploit mobile Web before mobile app, with tips for promoting mobile sites and converting visitors into customers.

In July 2011, Ilicco Elia, was appointed head of mobile at LBi. Formerly the global head of mobile Thomson Reuters, Elia, is the first person to hold this position at LBi. With 1,800 digital specialists in 16 countries, LBi claims to be the world’s biggest independent digital agency network.

In this interview, Ilicco Elia answers the questions that are central to your mobile strategy:

0:09 Why is it essential that brands have a mobile strategy?
0:39 Why is a mobile site an essential part of a long-term mobile strategy?
1:13 What should we do first mobile site or mobile app?
2:14 How should mobile fit into my existing media/communications strategy?
3:38 What are your tips for promoting a mobile site to customers?
5:08 What are your tips for converting mobile visitors into customers?

There are nine video interviews in this series:

• How mobile Web should fit into your digital strategy – ILICCO ELIA, head of mobile, LBi
• Autotrader: lessons from a decade on the mobile Web – Amy Gale, Autotrader Mobile
• Five top tips for a great mobile Website – Phillip Clement, Bemoko
• Why HTML5 changes everything – Dimitrios Kontarinis, VP of innovation, Velti
• Mobile’s role in the advertising world – Russ Lidstone, CEO, Euro RSCG
• Device Atlas powers device detection on the Adfonic mobile ad network – Wes Biggs, Adfonic; Eileen O'Sullivan, dotMobi
• Want to engage young people? Think mobile Web – Christian Louca, YOC
• What is mobile government or m-government? – Nick Jones, head of digital, PM's Office and COI
• What is a mobile affiliate network? – Vianney Settini, MobPartner

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